Collection: Necklaces & Pendants

Diamond and gemstone chains, pendants, and necklaces in a variety of styles. Hand-cut and created in our atelier using stones that have been responsibly obtained.

Diamond Necklaces For Women 

The gorgeous diva within you needs a jewel that matches her vivacious beauty. Nothing does the job better than a striking diamond necklace adorning your neckline. They add that much-needed touch of extravagance to any ensemble. When you buy a diamond necklace, it is much more than just a thing you own. It becomes a part of your own personality, and the legacy you pass on.    

At Panim Creation, we create magnificent neck pieces using only gemstones of superior quality and charismatic hues. These are delicately created and carved to perfection in our atelier. So don't settle for the ordinary and embellish your neckline with Panim Creation’s extraordinary diamond necklaces.

Types of Designs in Diamond Necklaces for Women at Panim Creation 

Explore the diverse catalogue of diamond necklaces at Panim Creation, where each design is a masterpiece of elegance and purity. 

Diamond Briolette Necklaces 

The Diamond Briolette Necklace is a celebration of fluidity and movement, with high-quality briolettes that capture and reflect light from every angle. 

Diamond Rose Cut Necklaces 

Recreate the vintage royal aura with Diamond Rose Cut Necklaces. This design style has stayed relevant throughout the ages, and its beauty remains unfaded. 

Diamond Emerald Pendant 

When two of the most sought-after gems come together in a pendant, a magnificently mesmerising jewel is formed. With their rich green hue, emeralds make for stunning pendants. 

Diamond Beads Necklaces

Bring out your beautiful playful side with our Diamond Beads Necklaces. Strings of diamonds are woven together, creating a light and comfortable design. 

Hexagon Pendant Necklace 

Brimming with radiant shine, this pendant is a perfect romantic gift, meant to be cherished close to the heart. Even as a gift to yourself, it is a bold and free expression of your individuality. 

Shine Brighter: Diamond Necklace Sets for Every Celebration

Illuminate every celebration with Panim Creation’s stunning diamond necklace sets. From timeless classics to contemporary designs, our diamond necklaces make you shine brighter on every special occasion.

Diamond Necklace for Daily Wear 

To add that much-needed hint of sparkle to your daily look, go for a diamond pendant. Especially the one that is light and simplistic. You can add a finishing touch to it by pairing it up with a minimalistic diamond ring. 

Diamond Necklace for Traditional Events/ Weddings 

Grand occasions demand extravagant looks. Subtlety should be left behind. So elevate your stunning saree, lehenga, or gown with statement necklaces. Go for gems with vibrant hues, and pair them with diamond bangles and earrings. 

Diamond Necklace for Party Events 

Any soiree is incomplete without the eye-grabbing diamond dazzle. Shine like a mirrorball, in glorious choker-style necklaces or a Y-shaped necklace. Add a gorgeous diamond ring and earrings, and make your look even more dreamier. 

Diamond Necklace for Office 

Every boss woman needs a little bit of bling, but without compromising on the sophistication. For your everyday office look, don a chain necklace with a diamond pendant. If you are fond of colours, you can choose a minimalist emerald pendant too. 

Shop Your Perfect Diamond Necklace from Panim Creations 

Every girl dreams of discovering the perfect diamond necklace, a symbol of pristine beauty made just for her. At Panim Creations, we turn these diamond dreams into reality. Explore our exquisite collection featuring a variety of styles, including rose-cut diamond necklaces, emerald pendants, briolette diamonds, diamond bead necklaces, and more. Whether you seek one for your everyday style or a statement piece for a special occasion, our seamless browsing experience allows you to filter through options and find the necklace of your desire. So, light up with our outstanding pieces and watch your confidence soar. Experience the radiance of our necklaces firsthand. Have an amazing shopping experience!  

FAQ on Diamond Necklace

Are diamond necklaces suitable for everyday wear?

The simple answer is yes. Diamond necklaces are completely suitable for your everyday style. However, it is better to avoid heavier ones and go for lightweight dainty designs. Also, make sure that the diamonds are of fine quality to ensure their shine is long-lasting. 

How do I clean and maintain my diamond necklace?

Whether you own a simple diamond necklace, or a big one, keeping them clean is very important. Dip it in warm water mixed with plain dishwashing soap. Let it soak for 10-15 minutes. Use a toothbrush to gently clean its crevices. Gently wipe them dry using a lint free cloth. 

How many carats is a Diamond Necklace?

The carat weight of a diamond necklace depends on its design, number of diamonds, and size of diamonds. Diamond necklaces can range from small diamond necklaces with a total carat weight of less than 1 carat to more bulkier designs with several carats.