Product care

Keeping your diamond jewellery clean and gleaming is our first priority because we recognise how valuable a treasure it is. Jewellers are a fantastic choice to have your diamond jewellery cleaned properly. The best approach to keep it sparkling brilliantly, though, is to clean it at home for daily usage. Here are some of the greatest at-home methods for caring for expensive jewellery.

Cleaning your diamond jewellery

The best method for cleaning diamond jewellery at home is to combine warm water with a mild detergent-free liquid. The breakdown is as follows, step by step:

  1. In a bowl, mix a few drops of mild detergent-free dish soap with warm water
  2. Individually soak each piece of diamond jewellery for 20–30 minutes in the liquid mixture
  3. Take a soft brush now because a hard brush runs the risk of scratching the gold portion of the item. For a thorough cleaning, gently scrub each item of jewellery after dipping the brush into the same liquid
  4. Rinse the diamond jewellery in warm water after you're finished cleaning it
  5. Finally, use a soft, lint-free cloth to dry the jewellery

You can also use a soft, non-abrasive, and lint-free cloth to gently clean your diamond jewellery more frequently to keep it looking clean and bright at all times.

Care and storage

To prevent scratches and dirt buildup over time, it's equally crucial to store your expensive jewellery properly.

Keep in a dry and cool place

Away from excessive heat and humidity is where fine jewellery should be kept. Your diamond jewellery should be kept in a cool, dry location to preserve its radiance.

Avoid Tangles and Scratches with Your Jewellery

To prevent dust and scratches, keep your jewellery in a comfortable, spotless environment. One of the toughest materials on earth is a diamond. To prevent them from scratching against other metals or jewels, you should ideally store your jewellery items separately. Make sure the jewellery box is lined with a super-soft fabric if you plan to put them there.

Things to avoid

Making Use of Abrasive Chemicals

Avoid using harsh cleaners to clean your expensive jewellery, such as bleach, acetone, or powdered detergent. Wearing diamond jewellery while bathing, gardening, or doing other household chores should be avoided since certain abrasive cleaners and chemicals might harm the metals and gemstones.

Putting on Your Fine Jewellery after applying Lotions, Makeup, and Perfume

When getting dressed, it is advisable to apply these products before putting on your jewellery because the chemicals in perfume, hairspray, make-up, nail polish remover, sun tan lotion, body oils, and deodorant can also affect your diamond jewellery.

Excessive Physical Activity

It is advised to stay away from tactile sports because high pressure impacts might cause the settings on your diamond jewellery to go loose. Excessive sweating is another side effect of vigorous exercise. Your diamond jewellery's appearance can eventually become dulled by sweat and dirt accumulation.