Briolette Diamonds

The briolette is Panim's exclusive diamond cut; it is unique, delicate, and radiant. We are a prominent producer of jewellery with this subtle cut thanks to our skilled diamantaires in Mumbai, India, who are among the few in the world to have mastered this special design.

Briolette triangle facet

Even cutting-edge laser technology struggle to produce flawless briolette stones because the briolette cut is one of the trickiest ones to master. But despite the laborious production process, they make for one of the most stunning and distinctive diamond cuts available. The unusual teardrop form of the briolette cut allows for a rare sensation of fluidity that best exhibits a diamond. It also provides unhindered views of the diamond.


Triangular or diamond facets, which cover all angles of the diamond, are used to give it its distinctive pear or tear-shape appearance. It is not set using the same techniques as other diamond cuts and lacks a table, crown, or pavilion as a result. A small hole is typically drilled into the diamond to support a wire thread when it is used in jewellery, and the hole is frequently sealed with a metal cap. Its distinctive form allows for suspension to produce a beautiful chandelier effect. As a result, drop earrings and pendants often include the briolette cut.

Briolette diamonds have a flexibility of motion that gives them a sense of drama as they catch and reflect light because they are not tightly placed into metal. Since light can beautifully reflect into the diamond from any angle, this phenomenon has been referred to as a "light show."


The hand-cut briolette diamonds from Panim are a favourite finishing touch for our necklaces and unique pieces because they provide just the right amount of playfulness to attract your eye. 

Every item by Panim draws inspiration from diverse woman and her own individuality. The briolette-cut is our signature style because we create exquisite jewellery that empowers the woman who wears it to be authentic. With its soft light , our briolette-cut jewellery allows for a special intimacy by bringing the stone closer to the skin. The stone's distinctive qualities and unadulterated beauty are highlighted by the cut, which displays the stone's spirit. Each briolette-cut Panim piece gives the wearer the confidence to embrace all the facets of her life.

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