Choosing your sparkle: Rose-Cut Diamonds Vs Brilliant-Cut Diamonds

Thinking about popping the big question with a stunning engagement ring? Or perhaps you’re considering buying the perfect diamond jewelry for yourself? And you’ve narrowed down your options to the timeless Rose Cut diamonds and the dazzling Brilliant Cut diamonds. (Excellent choices, by the way!) But deciding between these two? That seems like quite a challenge.

Well, you're not alone. This diamond dilemma is actually quite common. After all, both these diamond cuts are the crème de la crème of their kind. Worry no more, because it's time to finally hop off that fence you’re sitting on, and land on either side. Here’s a comprehensive guide that will help you make the perfect choice!

A short history

The story of the Rose Cut diamond begins in the Victorian Era, in the 1800s. This was a period when new steam-powered machines were invented and it sparked a major change in the diamond industry. Now artisans could craft diamonds with great accuracy.

Almost a century later, diamond cutters created the Brilliant Cut. Their aim was to maximize the way light spreads within a diamond, leading to a more dazzling view. It wasn’t perfect right from the beginning; it took years to perfect it.

Now that's a sparkling piece of history, isn't it?

Significance of their names

The names of these cuts give a hint about their most special feature.

The Rose Cut diamond is named so because it resembles the concentric petals of a rose. Poetic, don't you think? Similarly, for the Brilliant Cut, its name obviously alludes to the enhanced “brilliance” of the diamond.

Anatomy of these diamonds

The Rose Cut diamond, with its 24 facets, emits a gentle and diffused light. Hence, it has a quiet, sublime glow that's perfect if you're into something subtle. Usually, these come in a round shape, but can also be ovals, pears, and marquise.

Then, we have the Brilliant Cut diamond. It is essentially the image that comes to mind when you’re asked to think of a diamond. It's the quintessential diamond! This one has 58 facets, which give a brighter, more noticeable sparkle. Basically, this is for those who like a little more bling.

The illusion of size and shine

Rose Cut diamonds have the ability to look larger because they don't have a pointy bottom aka 'culet'. Instead, all the weight of the diamond is on show, making it look larger.

On the flip side, the Brilliant Cut diamond has a pointy culet. That, in turn, plays a big role in bouncing light around inside the diamond to give it that famous sparkle. So, while it might not look as large, it certainly knows how to put on a dazzling show!

So, ultimately, it comes down to what you prefer - a diamond that looks bigger or one that shines brighter.

Take this quiz and choose your own sparkle!

1. How would you describe your style?

A. An old-world romantic at heart

B. Fresh and modern in your approach

 2. What's your preferred type of shine?

 AAn understated, subtle glimmer

 B. A bold, statement-making sparkle


3. Are you more about craftsmanship or precision?

A. Craftsmanship all the way

B. Precision is your priority


4. What’s more important to you - size or sparkle?

A. Size - the bigger, the better!

B. Sparkle - it's all about the shine!



Now, count up your answers. If you've picked mostly Option A, then the Rose Cut Diamond is your match made in gem heaven. It has an anachronistic charm and subtle glow. It is handcrafted and larger in appearance.

And if mostly Option B was your go-to choice, then Brilliant Cut diamond is your gem. It is a contemporary style of precise cutting, and most importantly, it’s all about that shine!

All in all, both cuts are ravishing and desirable in their own ways. Both have their own uniqueness and are equally beautiful. Either choice is sure to match your style. So be it as a surprise for a special someone, or a self-love present, one thing's for sure - these diamonds will never disappoint.

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