Diamond Beads

A diamond that has been faceted and drilled serves as the diamond bead. It rarely has a perfect sphere, and many of them can take on any shape, from round to disc-like.

The diamond bead has tiny facets on all sides, frequently in steps. Girdle, table, and culet are not present. The diamond bead is always formed from a certain kind of diamond rough crystal that has a shape that resembles a near-sphere.

Diamond beads laid on a table  

The diamond beads on the market are cut, primarily in our factory in Mumbai, India, similar to the diamond briolette, which is also having a revival.

Amazing jewellery designers and beaders can use faceted diamond beads. Natural diamond beads may be a luxurious treat and a flexible material to work with. The best colour diamonds are used to make the majority of polish diamond beads. That is cut and faceted in our factory in Mumbai, India. Well, we are the leading producer of natural polish diamond beads.


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