Diamond shapes

A diamond's shape plays a crucial role in making it unique and personalized to you. While not one of the 4Cs, choosing the shape of your diamond might be difficult when you consider all the options and how uniquely gorgeous each shape is. Choosing a shape is fundamentally about discovering and expressing your own distinctive style, even though different shapes will have an impact on how your ring is set and how it appears on your hand.

Top facet of diamonds in various shapes

What defines the difference between a diamond’s shape and cut

The main distinction between a diamond's shape and cut is that, although shape generally refers to the diamond's crown (upper body), or basic shape, the cut pertains to how the diamond reflects light. How light passes through and reflects within a diamond determines the cut, or the precise arrangement of all of its facets. This implies that the cut is significant in terms of depth. In contrast, the depth of a diamond has no effect on its shape.

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