How To Clean Diamond Necklace

The dazzling jewels that give your neckline that elegant sparkle, your beautiful diamond necklace, is meant to shine in all of its glory. Just how the diamond is carved and polished to perfection to finally gain its sparkling glow. Keeping it radiant forever takes effort too. This means that diligent cleaning and maintaining of your diamond necklace is so important. But, do not worry, it’s not as arduous as you think it might be. 

Why Is It Important To Keep Your Diamond Necklace Clean?

Obviously, to make sure its brilliance lasts forever! A diamond necklace is a significant investment you've made. Precious items require a lot of care. A well-maintained diamond has an excellent resale value too. However, it is much more important for you to take care of your diamond necklace if you received it as a gift. After all, it represents someone's indefinite love and affection for you, so it should shine indefinitely too.  

How To Clean Diamond Necklace?

Everything you need to clean your diamond necklace,  you will find right at your home. The cleaning technique, too,  is simple, economical and effective. 

First of all, avoid the sink. You would hate to lose a chain, or a pendant, and a little attached diamond, to the drain. Instead, take a clean bowl, fill it up with lukewarm water, and add a few drops of fragrance-free liquid soap to it. Stir the solution till bubbles are formed. Dip your necklace in the solution and give it a good 20-minute soak. More, if it is a bulky necklace. Then take a toothbrush with soft bristles, and scrub it through the edges of the jewel. This will allow all the dirt to be cleansed out. Just be extremely gentle while doing so. Once the scrubbing is over, take another bowl of warm water, and dip the necklace in it. Once it is rid of all the soap residue, retrieve it from the bowl. Take an unused microfibre cloth and carefully pat it dry. 

Now, the most important step- storage. Your diamond necklace should be stored in a separate unit, safely. Rubbing against other jewellery pieces can do it more harm. 

How often should you clean a diamond necklace?

If it's a dainty chain and pendant that you wear daily, it's best if you clean it at least once a week. If it's a heavier necklace, preferably clean it with a soft cotton cloth after every wear. Although it can seem like a lot, your priceless diamond jewellery is worth this time and care.


How do you clean a diamond chain necklace?  

Just like any diamond jewellery, necklaces can be cleaned in a tub of warm water and simple liquid soap. Just soak them in the cleansing solution for 20 minutes. Use a toothbrush if there is a stubborn piece of dirt in there. Rinse in clean water all over again. After that wipe it dry with  

Can you clean a diamond necklace with toothpaste?

It is not recommended. The chemicals of toothpaste are extremely harsh and corrosive. Even if your diamond survives the abrasiveness of toothpaste, the metal it is set on will most definitely not. Use a simple dish soap instead

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