How To Clean Diamond Ring

That radiant rock you wear on your finger might be the strongest and most beautiful thing on earth. But if you think that makes it impervious to damage and dulling, you are mistaken. That’s right, diamonds are actually a  magnet for grease and dirt. 

Before diving into the methods of domestic diamond cleaning, here's an important tip- prevention is better than cure applies to your diamonds as well. Adopt the simple habit of taking off your ring before showering, sleeping, or while doing other activities like household chores, swimming, gardening, and so on. Anything that brings your diamond in contact with potentially harmful chemicals or at the peril of scratches and wear and tear, should be avoided. 

How to Clean Your Diamond Engagement Ring at Home

Cleaning becomes especially important if it is your engagement ring in question.  After all, the shine on a token of your love ought to last a lifetime. Also, take into account the fact that you're wearing your engagement ring almost every waking hour. It's a jewel you wear more than any other. Naturally, it is more prone to damage and discoloration.  

If you’re wondering how to clean your diamond ring at home, don’t worry, it’s  not a complicated process at all. Just follow these simple steps and your diamond ring dazzles in all of its glory again.

Step 1: Take a bowl filled with warm water, and add 2-3 drops of liquid soap to it. Stir it gently till bubbles are formed. 

Step 2: Add your ring to this degreasing solution and let it soak in there, undisturbed  for 20 to 30 minutes. 

Step 3: Then take the ring and scrub it gently with a toothbrush. Give extra attention to the edges and crevices where most of the debris must be trapped. 

Step 4: Rinse the ring well in freshwater. Make sure all the soap residues are cleaned off. 

Step 5: Use a clean soft cotton cloth to gently wipe the drenched ring. Do it until it's completely dry. 

Protip:  Make sure the soap you use is fragrance-free. Scented soaps contain chemicals that can damage the diamond and the metal setting. 

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Cleaning Your Diamond Engagement Ring at Home

Now that you know how to clean your engagement ring, you can go ahead and DIY it. There are a lot of schools of thought when it comes to diamond cleaning, but more the opinions, more the misconceptions. If these myths somehow made their way to you, it's time we steer clear of it. Here are some clear  "don'ts" of diamond cleaning  you need to be mindful of. 

1. Avoid the harmful trio of chlorine, acetone, and bleach for your diamond rings. For many it's the go-to for cleaning, but we must warn you that it does more harm than good. These chemicals can be corroding to diamonds, gems and other metals that might make up a ring.  

2. Make sure the toothbrush you use is used for diamond cleaning only. Also, avoid a hard-bristled one, as it can cause physical aberrations, especially if the setting metal is gold. 

3. Using thick hand creams and body lotions may cause residue to accumulate on your ring. This can discolour your ring and give it a cloudy appearance, especially if your band is composed of platinum or white gold.

Tips for Getting Your Diamond Engagement Ring Professionally Cleaned

Even while cleaning your diamonds at home is very important, you should go to a jeweller to have them professionally cleaned. Make it your yearly ritual and keep your diamond's lustre last forever. Especially if your diamond ring has a kind of tarnish that just wouldn't go, you should take it to your jeweller at the earliest. 

It is advised that you get it maintained by the same jeweller you bought it from, as they might be well-versed with the specific type of cleaning your ring requires. 


Does toothpaste clean diamond rings?

No, it is not a good idea to clean your diamond rings with toothpaste. It comprises chemicals that might be harsh on the metal settings of the ring. Damage to the setting will lead to inadvertent damage to the diamond itself. 

Choosing the Right Cloth for Cleaning Your Engagement Ring

For cleaning or drying your engagement ring, avoid using paper towels or any other harsh fabrics. Instead, go for an unused microfiber cloth or soft fabrics made of cotton. 

What does it cost to have an engagement ring properly cleaned?

If you get your ring cleaned by the same jeweller you bought it from, it might as well be charge free. Generally, it may be anywhere from Rs 2000 to Rs  4500.

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