Rose Cut Diamonds

We are bringing back this iconic cut, which is less popular than the brilliant cut but just as stunning.

The rose cut is a distinctive, delicate, and fascinating diamond cut which is exclusive to Panim. We are a premier jewellery manufacturer of this modest cut, and our skilled diamantaires in Mumbai, India, are among the few in the world that have mastered this particular style.

Top and side facet of a rose cut diamond

The rose-cut diamond has a distinctively flatter shape because, unlike the traditional brilliant cut, it lacks a pavilion. The diamond's crown is shaped like a faceted dome and has 3 to 24 facets. With star facets in the centre, which form the top of the diamond, and a proportionate number of facets in the second row, it usually has two rows of facets. A rose-cut diamond shines brilliantly from within, creating a dazzling yet delicate glitter rather than a strong shine, due to the reduced number of facets.

In the Panim factory in Mumbai, India, each rose-cut diamond is carefully cut and inspected by a member of our team of experts.


In a rose-cut, the clarity of a diamond is crucial. Any flaws and incursion that a diamond may have will be more obvious due to the cut's flatter and fewer facets. Since such faults are less visible due to less reflection and brilliance, high quality rose-cut diamonds are simply essential for high quality rose-cuts. For this reason, at Panim, we exclusively use standard VVS-VS+ diamonds.

In comparison to other, more prevalent cuts, the rose-cut has a long history and represents a more romantic emotion. It was thought to have been created in India in the 15th century and was actually the predecessor to the now-standard brilliant-cut. By the 1520s, the cut had become the norm for diamond jewellery among European gemstone cutters. As a result, the rose-cut is used to create a large portion of the fine antique diamond jewellery currently on the market, especially from the Pre-Edwardian era when the cut attained its highest popularity.

Explore our e-boutique to view our collection of contemporary, empowering, and feminine rose-cut diamond jewellery. Making a gem is to us an imaginative, enchanting journey that brings a concept to life. Create your custom rose-cut diamond creation by starting a unique journey and revealing your facets.

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