What are diamonds?

One of the most exquisite and prized minerals in the world for a very long time is the diamond. However, their unique physical and scientific characteristics are linked with what gives them their sentimental significance.

These distinctive qualities are reflected in the word's etymology. Its name derives from the Greek word "Adamas," which means "indestructible." Diamonds. In addition to for their aesthetic appeal ,diamonds are used in industry, particularly for drilling and cutting,. Apparently, 80% of all diamonds in the world are industrial diamonds. This is due to the molecular arrangement of carbon atoms within diamonds, which forms a complex and unique three-dimensional framework.

Diamonds are by far the strongest mineral on earth and the type of pure carbon that is most concentrated in the natural world.

A diamond's unique shine is also a result of one of its primary characteristics: an incredibly high refractive index. This simply means that light moves across space 2.4 times faster than air. This gives the appearance that the diamond has captured light. Diamond cutters aim to improve this intrinsic quality with various cuts.

On all continents today, with the exception of Europe and Antarctica, diamonds are mined in around 25 different countries. Beginning in the fourth century BC, India was the only source of diamonds for a thousand years. However, there was a significant increase in the availability of diamonds following the large mine discoveries in South Africa in the 1870s. Large producers today include a number of African nations, Siberian Russia, Brazil, and Australia.

The majority of our sustainable trade partners at Panim Creations are syndicate mines in Lesotho, the Congo, and South Africa, from which we solely buy rough diamonds. We also partner with businesses in Australia, Russia, and Canada. To keep our supply chain as short as possible, the mined rough diamonds are transported to a trade hub where we buy them directly from the site holders. They are then sent to our factories in Mumbai, India, where they will be evaluated, cut, and polished.

We believe what makes the diamond such a unique jewel is the amazing process, which started billions of years ago.

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