Why choose White Diamonds Beads for your jewelry designs?

Have you ever found yourself in a midst of a gentle snowfall? Picture yourself standing in a wintery landscape with glistening soft snow all around you. A delicate little snowflake twirls down from the sky above and lands on your palm. And that’s the most beautiful thing you have ever beheld. Imagine now, if that snowflake were to never melt, and its beauty remained frozen in time. Well, that’s a white diamond for you. An ethereal beauty that mirrors that of an ice crystal.

White diamonds are among the rarest diamonds in the world. They make up only 0.1% of all diamonds mined worldwide. You might be thinking, aren't all diamonds white? Here's where it gets interesting. The term "white diamonds" doesn't refer to the more prevalent category of colorless diamonds, as you might think. Surprisingly enough, they’re actually two different things!

What is a white diamond?

A white diamond, according to the GIA color grading chart, has a distinct, milky white hue. It doesn't quite fit into the conventional D (colorless) to Z (light yellow or brown) diamond color spectrum. Instead, it showcases a white glow, like that of a wintery snowflake.

Basically, their color is like a thin cloud, or like milk or white paint, and can be a translucent, non-brilliant appearance.

Why are white diamond beads great for jewelry design?

White diamond beads are excellent for jewelry design, and here's why!

  • Unique Appearance: White diamond beads unique appearance and are the result of an incredible natural phenomenon. Usually, diamonds usually get their color from carbon and tiny bits of But white diamonds get their color from ultra-small particles called inclusions. These inclusions cause light to bounce around inside the diamond, giving them its signature milky shade.
  • Highly Sought: Due to their rare characteristics, white diamond beads make the most exquisite pieces of And why wouldn’t they, given the level of exclusivity they offer? Owning jewelry laced with white diamond beads is a statement of distinction.
  • Opalescent Look: Sometimes, when you look at a white diamond from the top, you might even see flashes of different colors! It’s very similar to the mesmerizing effect seen in This super unique trait adds an extra dash of intrigue to these beads.
  • All-Natural: In times when many gemstones are treated or enhanced, white diamonds stand out for their natural beauty. Their color isn't a result of human interference but a gift from nature itself, making the beads even more
  • Versatile: White diamond beads can pair beautifully with various other gemstones and metals, making them ideal for creating an array of jewelry pieces. Whether your style is bold and extravagant or delicate and understated, white diamond beads are a perfect
  • Rare: White diamonds are among the rarest diamonds on Earth. Owning a piece of jewelry with white diamond beads is like owning a small, precious piece of nature’s mind-blowing

In a nutshell, white diamond beads impart unique beauty and intriguing elegance to any jewelry piece. By the way, most of these white diamonds come from the Panna mine in India. So they're not just a valuable item you can own, they're a story of nature's wonder and a testament to India's gem-rich geography. Undeniably, they are a jewel of a find!

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